Thursday, July 9, 2009

Monica Sone - a wonderful friend and brilliant author of Nisei Daughter

Interview with Monica Sone - author of Nisei Daughter

Monica Sone has fans all over the world. She wrote Nisei Daughter and many authors adore her book for example David Guterson, author of Snow falling on Cedars. We got so many comments from our international fans. They learned so much after reading Nisei Daughter. To us it's one of the most important books we've ever read. Thanks A Million dear Monica Sone in the name of your many fans for writing this fascinating autobiography. It's so important to know history and to learn from the past. We can understand everything much better because of your book Nisei Daughter.

Monica, you are so very bright, brave, wise, witty and you have the most beautiful voice ever just the way our beloved Betty MacDonald described you as Kimi in The Plague and I.
Nobody wants to be ill and stay in a hospital but with you I bet it would be like in paradise.

Monica, I just love and enjoy our phone calls so much. To me it's such a gift.

Lots of love and kisses and hugs and many greetings to you and your family especially to Susan, because she does a great job and every time I talk to you you sound younger and younger. You are a miracle, a genius but very human and warm!

All my love

Wolfgang Hampel,
your old Wolf and your many fans worldwide

What can I say after such a statement?

He did it well, didn't he?
Dear Monica Sone, we all adore your writing skills and your brilliant personality.
I'd like to say thank you so much for writing this very important work of literature because I among others had no idea about this dark part of history. Therefore Nisei Daughter is so important and after reading it nobody will ever forget it.

Best wishes,
Linde Lund