Monday, July 13, 2009

Interesting reviews of Monica Sone's book Nisei Daughter

Some links to very interesting reviews of Monica Sone's very important book Nisei Daughter

Thursday, October 09, 2008
Nisei Daughter
by Monica Sone

What a wonderful story. She writes with such humor and fun that you sometimes forget it's a true story. Her family always made the best of things despite the racism during WW2 and being in a terrible camp with mud and dust and small quarters.
Monica will be interviewed Wednesday October 15th in Canton, Ohio as part of the kick off of the One Community/One Book program and the KIMONO exhibit at the Canton Museum of Art.
I highly recommend the book and check back for my review of her interview and the kick off event.
5 of 5 rating

Monica Sone's Nisei Eyes is a biographical account of a Japanese-American girl living in Seattle during the 2nd world war. She eventually gets sent to internment camps when she's in her young adulthood, but much of the book details her experience being a first generation Japanese-American girl.
I liked this book. Mostly because I can identify, obviously, with the conflicted feelings of being both 100% Asian and 100% American, and yet at the same time feeling like you actually belong nowhere completely.